Embrace change – It can be amazing


Change, that dreaded word. No one likes change. It sets us all on edge with all the unknowns and what ifs. Change is a part of life, it is happening all around us.

Since I started working in the industry in 2000 I have had several jobs in 2 different countries, many colleagues, hundreds of children in my care, 3 different frameworks, 2 different accreditation/assessment systems, finished 3 qualifications, and many more changes than I wont list. But change doesn’t have to be scary.

If you want to embrace change you need to modify your attitude towards it. Embrace change as a way to further yourself and develop your skills and your career opportunities. I’m sure you have heard “knowledge is power” and this is true in childcare too.

The more reading you do and familiarise yourself with the changes, whether it be a new policy, new owner, new version of governing documents (staying healthy in childcare, regulations, etc) the more confident and knowledgeable you will become. This could also be just doing some research for your own personal growth on subjects that reflect current best practice. There are some excellent books out there on intentional teaching, play based learning, loose parts play, sensory processing disorders and many more.

The more effort you put into accepting, embracing, and even preempting change, you will start to stand out as a leader within your team. You will be able to share information with others, be more confident in your own position, and maybe even get noticed and further your career.

What is the future you would like to create for yourself?

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