5 tips to being a confident Educational Leader

The Educational Leader role is a lot of responsibility. The program is yours to control. So I have put together some tips to try and help support Educational Leaders in their role and make their job a bit more clear. These are just suggestions, but hopefully you will find them useful…


Do your research – Know what you need to be doing in relation to the NQF and understand what options are out there for you. Be clear in your mind about the compliance side of the program. Understand how to support children’s development.


Have a plan – Come up with a clear plan of what you would like the program to look like. What will the program achieve? How will the educators implement it? What will it look like in the different rooms?


Know your educators – What are their strengths? What skills do they have that they can support you with? How do you ensure that everyone can engage with the program without feeling frustrated, yet keep the more skilled educators motivated?


Communicate well – Be clear in your communication with educators and keep the channels of communication open and be supportive of their needs. Be willing to explain things multiple times and have empathy towards other’s issues when implementing the program.


Evolve the program – Understand that children change and educators change and the community changes, so the program should be able to grow and evolve to continue to meet the needs to stakeholders.

If you would like to know more and have more detailed information to support you in your role please consider the upcoming events at http://www.rare.support or the Educational Leader webinar.

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2 thoughts on “5 tips to being a confident Educational Leader”

  1. Hi Rachel, Can you tell me how I can put my name down for the Webinar for Educational Leader on 1 August. Cost please. Thank you Denise Thomas


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