5 tips to meet Quality Area 4

Quality Area 4 – Staffing Arrangements… This is an area about you, the educators. If there isn’t harmony in the team then the children will suffer because we all know when we are stressed or unhappy we don’t do our best. Here are 5 tips to reflect on to help you meet quality area 4…


Understand the ratios – There are a lot of services that combine age groups at different times of the day for different reasons, early mornings, late evening etc. Do you realise that every time you have a younger child in the group the ratio drops? It is not only unfair for the children’s needs, but it is illegal to combine groups together for the benefit of the educators. If there is only one outside play area only one age group should use it at a time or ensure that safety is maintained as it the primary function of supervision.


You are role models  – If you expect children to be respectful of each other, value each others’ ideas and be ethical and equitable in their approach to children who differ from themselves then as educators we must role model this. We cannot be gossiping, rude to each other, snappy in comments, and insulting of those who are different to us, and expect children to not pick up on this. Remember children learn more from what they see than what they hear.


You are not alone – If you want to reflect on your practices, improve your knowledge and learn new skills then look to your colleagues. What a valuable resource we all have in our services, or schemes. People who can relate to what is happening and help discuss this and share ideas and contribute to solutions. Add up the collective years of experience your colleagues have… What a resource, right there, at your finger tips!

Be a professional – Everything you do as an educator reflects on who you are a professional. Would you like to walk into the place you pay people (a LOT of money) to look after your precious children and see people standing around chatting, people with their phones on the floor, people dressed unprofessionally, people on facebook. Would you like to find out that the educators in your service have taken pictures of your child on their personal phones without your consent? These parents have entrusted you with their children, signed a business contract and in turn you need to behave professionally.


Be positive –Educators, typically, put others first. We are hard on ourselves and doubt our abilities. Therefore we need people around us who value us, highlight our strengths, make us feel successful. If it isn’t constructive, and it isn’t positive, don’t say it. Our jobs are hard enough, we need to support each other and highlight each others’ skills and abilities.


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