Thinking outside the square

When was the last time you did something different in your program? Not just brought something different out of the storeroom, but tried something different. There are SO many different ways to teach concepts and skills. You don’t need to use structured activities to teach letters and numbers. You don’t need to drill children with flash cards and repetitive daily activities to teach them skills and concepts.

Take colour mixing for example. Usually we do this with paints. “What will happen if we mix blue paint with yellow paint? Oh look, we made green!” How many others ways can you think of to mix colours while exploring other skills at the same time?

If you squish yellow playdough and blue playdough together you get green. You also get strengthened fine motor strength, control over the shade of green, hypothesising, experimenting, research, problem solving, creativity when they then use the dough for other things.

Another way to colour mix is through the science experiment where you add food colouring to milk and then add a drop of detergent. As the milk swirls around with the detergent forcing it around, then the blue and yellow will meet and mix. It may need the additional help of another drop of detergent.

And then gradually you start to see green appear as the colours join and mix.

Not only do you learn about colour mixing but you also get to learn about science, explore what might happen, problem solve how to move the colours around more, hypothesise why it is moving, use language skills to express what is happening etc.

Hopefully this will encourage you to think about different ways to bring learning into your program. These are just 2 ways to incidentally explore colour mixing while doing other activities. I’d love to hear how you exploring colour mixing within other activities. Please let me know in the comments below.

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