Surviving the heat

If you are in a part of the country that has experienced the exceptionally hot weather this summer here are some tips to support children during the hot weather…

  • Make sure you follow sun smart policies. Wear appropriate hats, clothing and sunscreen, and avoid going outside in the hottest part of the day, and monitor the UV levels.  
  • Monitor the temperature of floors and equipment. Even though the weather might cool down metal, rubber and plastic items can hold their heat for extended periods. If things are still too hot to touch manage this my avoiding areas, wearing shoes and so forth.
  • Minimise running around for the children. Children often don’t notice the heat but they can make themselves ill  with heatstroke and dehydration from running around in the heat. You can do this by providing lots of quiet and inviting areas including table activities, mat activities and so forth. 
  • Utilise water and ice. Water can be used in many different ways from water troughs to painting with water, watering gardens, washing toys, sprinklers and so forth. Ice makes a great addition to cool children down but also introduce science with melting, floating, etc.  Paints can be frozen to add an additional creative method to paint. Toys can  also be frozen into ice so children can work on freeing them. There’s some suggestions I’ve saved to my pinterest board if you would like to check it out 
  • If staying inside support physical activity. Ensure there are still physical opportunities, whether it be dancing, games or bringing in some safe outdoor resources. Setting up a tunnel, ball pit, low obstacle course etc can all help children develop gross motor skills while inside. 
  • Encourage lots of fluids. Ensure children drink a lot of water to stay hydrated. You can also have some healthy frozen treats like frozen fruit (watermelon works great), home made ice blocks with fruit infused into water or very diluted juice.  

Hopefully everyone finds ways to stay safe and cool. If you have any great tips for staying cool in child care please comment below. 
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