Self care for educators

As educators we tend to be very good at putting the needs of others ahead of our own. It is difficult to keep doing this without burning out and becoming exhausted or unwell. Never is this more true than as the end of the year approaches and we tend to muster the last of our energy to push through. Below are some tips on how to look after yourself, because only when we look after ourselves can we truly care for others.

Sleep: Getting enough sleep is very important and the body needs between 7 and 9 hours sleep a night which may seem like a challenge, but regular sleep patterns can help with this. Trying to get to bed at the same time every night, and waking up the same time build a pattern.

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Movement: Whether it be a simple walk, a gym class, yoga, or playing with the children in the park, movement is really good to release tension, increase mood and support mental health. It doesn’t have to be intensive exercise to make a difference, even stretching and slow movement can help.

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Taking time out: It could be breathing exercises, meditation, journaling, a cup of tea, gardening, reading a book, watching a movie. What ever is going to allow you to switch off and focus on yourself and what makes you happy, instead of the never ending to-do list in your mind.

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Comment below what you do to look after yourself and re-energise.

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