Streamlining practices to improve efficiency

There are so many different elements that need to be implemented in services, not only to ensure compliance but also best practice. Yet in our busy lives we tend to take a “quick fix” approach to ensure compliance in each of them, but by doing this we often make more work for ourselves with every process or form only ticking one box.

The more work we have on our plates the more we are likely to go for the quick fix approach, adding more work which means we are caught in this perpetual cycle of adding to our workloads and taking away from the time with the children building relationships and being intentional teachers. The cycle can look like this…

ticking boxes

However taking the time to streamline approaches so that one process addresses multiple compliance requirements and meets the needs of the stakeholders can save you time in the long run. It achieves the following:

  • Ensures best practices
  • Demonstrates a clear understanding of compliance
  • Provides evidence of reflective practice
  • Frees up time to spend with the children because there are less processes to get through each day
  • Allows for more meaningful processes
  • Supports awareness of practices to help with A&R


An example of this in action is having multiple sign on sheets and books all over the place instead of designing a purpose built form to allow for shift sign in and responsible person sign in.

Taking the time to make something designed to meet your needs and the needs of your stakeholders, and embedding multiple compliance points not only streamlines your practices, but by creating them collaboratively this allows everyone to be aware of how they meet compliance as they were part of the discussion.

I know it can be difficult sometimes to find the time to stop and reflect on your practices because you are busy just getting through the day, and this is where RARE can help. If you would like to discuss your needs and how RARE can offer consultation to make your practices and processes more streamlined, freeing your team up to get back to the children, then get in touch using the form below.


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