5 tips for… social media posts

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Many of us use social media posts in our early childhood services to share information, connect with potential families or as a form of documentation. Here are 5 tips to help with your social media posts…

  1. Consider your audience: Be mindful of who your audience is and target your posts at them. If you are using a broad platform such as facebook which has the potential to assist with your marketing, avoid using language that is aimed at your current families only. Families can have access to a closed group to share relevant information with them. Different platforms allow for different uses and this should be considered.
  2. Have a policy: Social media is constantly evolving and there should be a policy in your service that guides social media usage, both from the service but also from the public. Some of the things you may want to cover off include what is appropriate/inappropriate. Language and grammar expectations. Managing comments and feedback. Images used. Use of personal social media accounts to discuss work matters. Social media “friendships” between staff and parents.
  3. Compliance evidence: Social media can be used as evidence of how you meet compliance in a range of ways, depending on how it is used. For example if you are using social media to connect with the community and share events etc. then this can be evidence for Standard 6.2. If you are using social media to communicate with families about the experiences children have engaged with then this covers Standard 6.1, and if you include a focus on the learning that this can become part of  Standard 1.3 and even become the basis for an observation.
  4. Consider the rights of the child: When using social media to post images/documentation of children consider their rights: is the post respectful, would the child be embarrassed by this post now or in the future? Also consider privacy as just because you are posting to a closed group does not mean people cannot screen shot the image and share it on, do you have permission for this use of the photos from the family?
  5. How often to post: Social media platforms use their own algorithms to decide what should and should not be seen. Some, such as facebook, make it difficult to see posts from others, and the more posts that are made, the less that are shown. This infographic below from LouiseM.com provides a handy overview on how often to post to different forms of social media to allow for visibility if using social media for marketing purposes.


Image result

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