Reflecting on inclusion

There are so many reasons children could struggle to fit into a program in an early childhood education and care service. This could be because of gender, age, race, nationality, physical or cognitive ability. Sadly we tend to subconsciously work within our existing biases. These biases come from the way we were raised, our community’s culture, the media, and marketing. All of this is impacting the way we think and the way we interact with those around us.

Here are some images that will help you understand how these biases form without us realising it…

 Amazing Fun for Boys!!:   

Our biases shape the way we interact with children and the types of expectations we have for them. That elderly people belong in nursing homes. That boys and girls are limited to certain paths in life and choices of activities. That men are bosses. That children are naughty and need to be handled. That different cultures are something to be celebrated once a year.

Before we can create a truly inclusive program we need to look at our current program and service culture and reflect on whether there are any subconscious biases occurring we didn’t realise. We should be reflecting on what messages our current practices sends to the children and families we work with. Are we being truly inclusive and supporting everyone to the best of our abilities?

If you would like to know more about inclusive practice and how to meet the 29 different elements of the NQS that relate to inclusion then please consider coming to my upcoming webinar on May 18th Exploring Equity  to find out practical solutions and reflection points to guide you on your journey.

Exploring equity






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