The freedom of the NQF

The NQF is a glorious framework. It is not prescriptive. It does not come with a folder full of templates and a ‘how to’ guide on implementing the NQF. Instead the National Quality Framework does as it says on the package, it provides a framework to work within.

In the same way children need limits and boundaries to work within, and once they know the rules and the expectations they can behave freely within these guidelines, the framework provides this for services. The legislation, national quality standards, and approved learning frameworks are the limits and boundaries, and then there is so much freedom to operate however you would like within that.

You don’t need to do what the service down the road does. You don’t need to do what you used to do 7 years ago. You don’t need to spend thousands of dollars on prescriptive systems that will back you into a corner. You have the freedom to completely revamp what you to do to something that works for your service, your families, your educators and your children.

But with so much freedom and so many options where do you start? How do you know what to do that will benefit your service?

There are 3 key factors that will help you decide what it best for your service…

Key 1: Know the limits and boundaries

Spend some time reading and familiarising yourself with the guiding documents to know what the rules are. This will give you knowledge and therefore power to create something you are confident complies with the requirements.

Key 2: Reflect on current practices

Look at what is currently happening in your service. Is it working? Is everyone getting the most out of the service? Are the educators motivated? Are the children challenged? Are the families happy? This is where you can find out a starting point, based on what areas need to most work.

keyKey 3: Take some risks

Be willing to try new things. There are so many different approaches that you can take when it comes to implementing the NQF, so be adventurous. Try something new. Be innovative and see what happens. (Just make sure to document your plans in your QIP so you are covered if anyone arrives mid revamp.)

If you would like some support with your service, to help develop a service specific program that works for you and your team, RARE can help the following ways:

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Sydney July 21st, Newcastle July 28th, Melbourne August 18th, Brisbane September 22nd

Educational Leader

Webinar – August 1st

Or if you would like a more personalised approach then RARE can help with consulting for your service. Contact for more information.

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