Everything has learning potential 

I went to have a meeting with some educators about their program and we were discussing ways to get the children’s voices into outside school hours care documentation. I mentioned having the children document what they would like to do, what they would like to eat etc. I was told they often say they would like McDonalds for food. I suggested this could become a project. 

If it is something the children have mentioned several times then they could start to do some research to see if this is a viable option. How far away is McDonalds? How could they get there? What would everyone order? How much would this cost? How would they get the money? Would they fundraise? Would one person go and get everyone’s orders? Would it be hot when it got back? They could then come to their own realisation that it wouldn’t work.  

This could take weeks to explore s a project, and evolve into more opportunities. If the children couldn’t get McDonalds then maybe they could plan to make their own burgers. Look up recipes, work out how much of each ingredient they would need for the number of children etc.  

It is all about looking at the learning opportunities in everything and documenting it accordingly. Don’t dismiss something the children are talking about because it isn’t what you had planned, challenge yourself to look at the learning opportunities in that interest. You could talk about maths (distances, quantities and money), planning, research, literacy (writing lists and reading recipes), collaboration and so much more when documenting this to highlight the learning occurring to the reader, reflect and plan ahead further.

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