5 tips to reflect the EYLF in documentation

We are told to include the EYLF (or other approved frameworks) in our documentation. How you do this is up to you, but there meaningful ways and ticking boxes ways. The following is 5 tips you might like to consider ways to make the EYLF meaningful in your documentation…


Understand the Learning Outcomes – The Learning Outcomes are very broad in their application and cover a range of different activities. 1 is not just for new children, 2 is not just for group games, 5 is not just for reading books. By taking the time to really understand the Learning Outcomes you can truly understand how they are reflected in your program.


Explain the role of the educator – We often get caught up in the children and the Learning Outcomes, but the EYLF is also about the educator in the Practices. When doing your documentation is it all about the children or is the educator mentioned? Did they ask questions? Did they get more resources? Did they role model different ways to use the materials?


Use educational language – Another part of the EYLF is using Pedagogical Documentation. This is about not wasting words by writing a pretty little piece about the children’s fun day, but instead using the language of the EYLF and referring to the learning that occurred. If the service prides itself on the educators’ qualifications and skills, then highlight the learning in the documentation.


Understand the service’s interpretation of the Principles – The final element of the EYLF is the Principles. This is like a philosophy for the service to explain how they interpret 5 key aspects. This should be discussed as a service and guide how the Practices (role of the educator) supports the Learning Outcomes (children’s development).


Give the child a voice – Don’t assume the child’s thoughts and emotions. Use their words and actions to give the child a voice in the documentation. For example instead of saying “Jack was frustrated with his tower falling down” you can say “Jack appeared frustrated with the tower falling down as he sighed and growled”.


If you would like additional support with understanding the EYLF there are glossaries for the Learning Outcomes, Practices and Principles, as well as a pedagogical documentation cheat sheet with some key words to use to emphasise the learning available in the online store. There are also previous webinars on EYLF related topics and the embedding the EYLF program. For more information visit http://www.rare.support or contact for personalised support/training 

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