5 tips to be compliant within the NQF

I think it is fair to say that most of us want to succeed at work, but not only succeed, but challenge ourselves and improve in our practices and knowledge. We want the service to be implementing the best practices and to be meeting compliance in all aspects of the NQF. Here are 5 tips to help you achieve compliance…


Know the regulations – I often see people questioning how to protect children and what procedures are in another service, to make sure they are doing the right thing. There are regulations on a range of different areas including space requirements, giving medication, going on excursions  and staffing requirements. There are even regulations on what policies you need to have and what should be included in these. If you would like the provide best practice you need to know the regulations.


Know the NQS elements – A lot of us know the Quality Areas and the Standards but how many know the elements? It is important to not only know, but understand each of the elements and how they are met in your service. For example while you might think your educators are respectful and ethical in their interactions (standard 4.2) do they meet element 4.2.3 “Interactions convey mutual respect, equity and recognition of each other’s strengths and skills” and focus on each others’ strengths?  


Be aware of other legislation – The National Education and Care Services Regulations are not the only legislation guiding services. How much do you know about the pother legislation like child protection act, work health and safety regulations, fair work regulations, and the privacy act just to name a few. There are also specific codes that impact buildings etc depending on your location. Being aware where to look for answers as and when issues occur will help you meet compliance.


Know where to find information on best practice – There are so many sources of information available to help support services in identifying best practice. For example on the ACECQA website any many guides, Staying Healthy in Childcare, publications such as Every Child and Rattler. In addition to this there is also training available to find out what you can do to meet best practice and compliance requirements.


Don’t be afraid to ask for help – If you are not sure about something, or need help ensuring compliance then it is ok to ask. There are many different services out there to help you, whether it be because you are going through something totally out of your realm of knowledge, you just don’t have time to read all the documents, or you don’t quite understand what you have read. [NB make sure you are seeking help or support from the right people, for example asking a question on Facebook might not get you the correct information]

Don’t forget to also make sure any areas you are working on go in your QIP so authorities understand where you are up too. Hopefully you find this helpful and if you would like some help with compliance I would be happy to work with you. There is also some documents available at http://www.rare.support/store to help make sure you have complied with different areas.

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